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Step into the shoes of an icon

How Design Thinking revived the ideals Nelson Mandela stood for, through the power and potential of creativity for good

President Mandela spent much of this time in a modest pair of HI-TEC® tennis shoes. Fighting for freedom, so others didn’t have to.  While that detail was understandably overshadowed by the liberation of South Africa, little did we know that those shoes could once again be the motivation for positive change 30 years on?


Freedom Shared seeks to re-imagine his heritage sneaker and celebrate Nelson Mandela’s legacy, encouraging the global community to not only remember his journey but more importantly, to step into his shoes and continue the long walk of freedom.


In collaboration, The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (NMCF), HI-TEC®, and Hoorah have re-released the Freedom 67s. Gifting a limited 67 pairs to an equal number of freedom ambassadors to donate to the NMCF and celebrate the late President Mandela’s legacy.


The Freedom Ambassadors are truly representative of our Rainbow Nation including, among many others, Khaya Dlanga, Zola Nene, Seth Shezi, Schalk Bezuidenhout, DJ Speedsta, and Jimmy Nevis.


The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (NMCF) was founded by President Mandela in 1995. Its mission is to address the challenges the children of South Africa face daily.


“Mr. Nelson Mandela wanted freedom for all, and with this in mind our number one priority was to raise funds for the NMCF,“ says Andrea Engelbrecht, Head of Marketing of HI-TEC® South Africa.


Now more than ever, design is being recognised as the catalyst for change and Hoorah Digital Consulting is leading the way in this transformative approach for good.


“Our discovery of this profound piece of brand history inspired us to create societal upliftment, utilising these iconic sneakers as a platform for change. The initial positive sentiment and funds raised for the NMCF truly illustrate that design thinking underpinned by creativity for good is universally embraced.” says Simon Spreckley, Chief Creative Officer of Hoorah Digital Consulting.


“In addition, to support the NMCF, Hoorah Digital has pledged R50 000 for a pair of the 67s, so we may also make a small difference,” says Mark Tomlinson, Chief Innovation Officer of Hoorah Digital Consulting.


HI-TEC® and its ambassadors are welcoming the world to walk with them and to #KeepFreedomShared by supporting the campaign and donating to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund – keeping President Nelson Mandela’s legacy alive: To continue to create freedom for others, including children. In the words of Madiba himself, “The purpose of freedom is to create it for others.”


For more on Freedom Shared, visit freedom.hi-tec.co.za.

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